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Motorbike trip

Yo Bao!

You are such a lovely man with a good heart! Thanks so much for taking such good care of us girls, and taking the time to show us many cools spots and yummy cafes! Also taking your time to explain many thing to us- you are very knowledgeable. You are an excellent and safe driver, and you made us feel safe and well cared for.

You’re the man! Thanks for an awesome trip!

Caroline from wellington,
New Zeland

Talya Shay

1 day from Nha trang to dalat by car from dalat to buon ma thuot.

Me and my Mather travels withe Bao and lee for 3 days, it was amazing way to see the country saids through motorbike and to listen the story of the peoples that live there..

Bao took as to gorgeous places, we saw a lot of beautiful villages and landscapes, meet some interesting people, visit in some grate factories and coffee farms (we love the da ca fa sua!), saw huge waterfalls, and claimed to strange hills.

It was grate time with you Bao!

You are good friend, and unusual guide, you know so much things, and answers ours question abut everything! In the and of our joinery we were grateful for your kindness and for thinking just four our own good! I felt safe to drive with you even for long distance!
Thank you so much
For everything! You are the best!

Talya, Israel

לכל הישראלים שממהרים ללכת רק עם המלצות באתרים, כדאי לפתוח טיפה את הראש גם לאיזיריידרים אחרים :)

היה טיול משוגע, שמתאים גם לתרמילאים, ממליצה בחום ואהבה!


I took a week long tour with Bao from Saigon to Nha Trang. What can I say? Bao you are amazing! Your kind ways made me feel comfortable enough to ask anything and your knowledge of everything from Hill Tribes to Mushrooms goes uncontested. I wholeheartedly recommend Bao for the man is insightful, friendly and shows you a great deal of Vietnamese culture that you simply would not see any other way.

Jean + Duke

Truly wonderful!

If you are lucky enough to be introduced to Bao, do not pass up the chance, for a fantastic and unforgettable experience!

We did a 3 day trip from Dalat to Nhatrang and what an amazing trip we had.

Its so refreshing to have a tour guide such as Bao who speaks english so well! We had such an educational experience, we saw first hand country life, silk worm growing + silk making, flower farms, mushroom growth, the amazing elephant falls + many many other things you can not experience on a group of tour! Private motorbike trip is the way to go!!

Thank you Bao

Jean + Duke

QLD- Australia.


Dalat to Hoi An

What an amazing trip and if you get the chance to travel with Bao, you are definitely on a winner.

We saw so much in the 5 days from probably the most spectacular scenery, wonderful, friendly people and then, of course there was the food. You must have the picnic with the spring rolls at Dray Sap falls.

Bao! You are a wonderful person- so kind and considerate- not to mention a very safe and careful driver, I always felt 100% safe which is something on the road here. Even though the distance were great. You made stops just when we needed and there were so many photo opportunities.

This trip was definitely the highlight

Thank you so much, if you want to see the real Vietnam with the people and history- this is the trip- I could easily have traveled longer

Thank you again- take care

Keep on driving

You are great!




Hi Bao!

Thank you for making my four day trip through Vietnam a memorable one, I did not have one regret when taking this tour with you. Your kind and easy personality made it easy for me to ask you questions around what I saw and you was not afraid to share your opinion either! I saw some amazing places and learnt a lot about the Vietnamese culture and farming ways. I wish you all the best in the future and would highly recommend Bao to anyone wishing to take the easy rider tour.


Dear Bao

Wow wow wow!! What a trip were had! All the way from Saigon- Hanoi! I couldn't wished for a better guide, you have been perfect in every way, the history, sights, Ho Chi Minh roads, the national parks, villages, the ever changing dishes of food that were selected by you guys for us so that we never ate the same thing twice. Truly truly fantastic. You deserve medals of honor, courage for the way you handle those bike in the traffic. The way you have taken a special care of my mother making sure she doesn't get too tired, providing wet weather gear for us when it turned yukky.

The whole trip I felt like I had a personal body guard who became my “little big brother”, your openness,frankness on the history of this amazing country from the past through to the future, you are an inspiration to me.

But I think the most special part was taking me to your home and meeting your parents and your grandmother. I felt really honored, they are so warm(your grandmother has blown me away 92 years old but as strong as an ox). Hopefully next time I come here I will be able to have a conversation with them in Vietnamese. I’m determined to learn the language.

The only drawback to this truly unforgettable holiday is that it’s going to end!! But I will be back with my son and look out cause next time we’ll have more time to do and see more of this awesome country of yours.

I’ll spreading the word back in Australia to anyone who’s coming over to book you + no one else, you’ll have more work than you can poke to stick at.

And when you come to Australia you stay with me and I’ll be your guide I only hope I can do ½ the job that you have done for us.

You will always hold a special place in my heart. I wish you all the best as you deserve it&lt;br /&gt;<br />
Nicole xxx&lt;br /&gt;<br />
Gold Coast- Australia&lt;br /&gt;<br />


Dear Bao,

Thanks for providing Thijs and me with 5 quite memorable days! The moment we met you it was immediately clear that you’re a very kind and reliable person, who’s able to make Vietnam a second home to foreigners. You just showed us real Vietnam and its secret places, the warm and friendly people, and you even introduced us to your family. Even though I don’t remember that night too clearly due to the loads of rice wine we enjoyed, I do know for sure that I won’t ever forget the sincere hospitality and generosity experienced at your parents’ house! I think your objective was to make us have a good time during the past five days and I really must say: “you have done a hell of a job!!”

Beside all the warmth and kindness, your knowledge about Vietnam has impressed me and I would for sure recommend you to any future travelers who’re willing to explore Vietnam in a special and unforgettable way!

Thanks for everything and I hope we’ll keep in touch by email! Take care and all the best to you.

Johan van den ban

The Netherlands.


Dalat- Hoi an- 6 days- 5 nights.

This is my 2nd trip on easy rider! The first was great which made me come back, this time however it was even better- more fantastic than before. It is really important to find good biker guides! Firstly safe, competent drivers with comfortable bikes, second knowledgable about the ares, the people and the country as a whole, and lastly friendly and kind- people you are happy to be with for a long time in close quarters.

This trip with Bao and Tien we made the right choice. I think that they are some of the best guides in vietnam. having been here 5 times before they gave me one of the best trip ever.

Thanks so much

I will definitely be back.


Paul from UK


Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang 5 days tour”


We have just experienced something we will never forget. With the high recommendation from a friend to see Vietnam by bike with Bao and his riders, im glad I did, everyday was filled with excitement and adventure, from the central highlands to the beach, villages, local markets and elephants, waterfalls and many more places to mention, Boa and Vu made our safety and wellbeing priority at all times. We arrived at our hotels each day on sunset and our rooms were clean and tidy. Everyday the boys were on time to meet us to start our new day on tour. Anything we needed or wanted at anytime they endeavoured to help us as best as they could. Thank you for a memorable experience one I will never forget. Looking forward to planning the next one with you guys.


Oi gioi oi!


What an incredible experience discovering the Central Highlands with you. It was the experience of a lifetime, travelling with you from Hoi An to Dalat, I always felt as safe and well taken care of by you. You are such a sweet, gentle soul with so much potential in your life. Thank you so much for showing your family with us, I would recommend my easy rider to anyone looking to find the real vietnam. the scenery and people are so beautiful- truly generous of heart. I loved all your jokes and enjoy our meals and conversations. I wish for you a lifetime of happiness, I could always remember you in my heart.


Renae Knight


Richard and Margaret

My wife and I (both the other side of 50) have were lucky enough to do an 8 day tour from Saigon to Hoian through the central highlands. As nonbike riders we were instantly put at ease with Baos friendly personality and cheeky ways.&lt;br /&gt;<br />
Bao took us to some great sights and introduced us to some fantastic characters during the 8 days. Many times we were the only western tourists at the sights and this is exactly what we were after. Seeing Vietnam from the back of a motorbike is the only way to go.&lt;br /&gt;<br />
We mixed with the locals and learnt alot from them and also Bao himself. If you want to get past the normal tourist hype then I urge you to contact Bao and let him show you his Vietnam.&lt;br /&gt;<br />
Bao is now a friend rather than a guide that we hired. Enjoy his company, enjoy his stories (true?) but stay away from his shrimp paste!&lt;br /&gt;<br />
Thanks for a great 8 days Bao!


Spending just over 3 weeks included Vietnam in April 2014, I have to say the seven days I spent with Bao were definitely the highlight of my vacation-Both Educational Unforgettable. Being a single lady on the other side of 50 I was a little hesitant, but realised if I wanted to taste the real Vietnam away from many tourists this was the only way to go. Bao knowledge and passion for his country as we traveled through Central and Western Highlands, was infectious, and we spent 6 glorious days on his comfortable motorbike touring from Hoi An to Da Lat. Then a day tour around Da Lat itself. One word sums it up Bao AWESOME, a time in my life I will never forget. Your smiley face, quirky sense of humour and your informative information on both past and present Vietnam was the ultimate in education about your beautiful country! Anyone contemplating doing a motorbike tour with Bao and his team- do not hesitate - if you are seeking to experience the real Vietnam contact Bao and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Not just a history /cultural tour but a culinary one as well. I ate and drank foods that I would never have had the courage to try if it was not for Bao giving me this opportunity to experiment in a safe environment . Keep on guiding Bao I wish you and your family all the best always!

Fond Regards Lynn

Busselton Western Australia


We had a great trip with Bao in Vietnam.

My wife and I spend in total 6 days with Bao in South Vietnam, driving from Saigon to Dalat, via beatifull beaches and through fantastic mountains.

I can highly recommend taking a motorbike trip with Bao. He is very knowledgeable, and without his guidance, we would have not been able to experience the true Vietnam.

All the best and hope to see you soon.

Louis and Cristina (UK)


Eight days. Great individualized your. Did my thing. Thanks Bao, I would travel with you again.


We asked to see the real culture, the real land, the real Vietnam and wow we got all of it plus more, Bao and T absolute gentlemen, took the time in every way, we got taken care of in every way and our safety was paramount, depth of knowledge and ability to share this with all was a pleasure to listen and learn, 8 nights and a bunch of mates had one of the best trips you could have ever asked for, I can’t wait to return and see the north, highly recommended. Russ......
March 2017




Saigon – Mekong Delta – Central Highlands – Phong Nha Caves – Sa Pa – Hanoi (24 days)

 You will explore every corner of Vietnam! See the real life, learn vary of “very own” traditions and customs of many different hill tribe groups, as well as Vietnamese culture…