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Day 1:
Hoi An – Ho Chi Minh road – Tay Giang – A Luoi
In the first day of this 7 days trip, you will explore some famous places around Hoi An such as: Ancient town and Japanese Bridge; Thanh Ha pottery village, the lush green of rice fields.. then we will join to Ho Chi Minh road( it was Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam war). the gorgeous scense of Jungles along Vietnam – Laos border, the amazing “snake road” hide under the jungles, the Hill Tribe and their own traditions, we can stop at one of numberous streams in the jungle for a swim in a hot day, visit the villages of K’Tu; Brau- Van Kieu minority groups to learn more about their tradition, we will stay over night in A Luoi- a small mountain town on Ho Chi Minh road.
Day 2:
A Luoi – Khe Sanh
Continue on Ho Chi Minh road to Khe Sanh Town, you will hear many stories of Vietnam war like: Hamburger Hills, Ta Vay village, Khe Sanh…as well as the charming of  nature, villages of ethnic people and their cultures.
stop for second night in Khe Sanh town.
Day 3:
Khe Sanh – West Ho Chi Minh Road – Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park
 After breakfast, we will visit Khe sanh combat base, learn more about the Vietnam War, then we will head to West Ho Chi Minh road, this is another amazing road along the Laos border. there aren’t much traffic (almost NOT) on the road. With high, steep mountains, this will be the best road who bikers or people who love the nature, we will arrive to Phong Nha- Ke Bang National park around 5:00 PM, check in and dining out after a long way on bike.
Day 4:
Phong Nha touring
 As you know that Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park was recognised as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. Recently, the English explorer found a new caves- Son Doong Caves. It becomes the largest, longest  and the most beautiful caves in Vietnam and in the world. The Caves filled with abundant stalactites and stalagmites in which formed in million years.
We will explore either the river caves and dry caves or Paradise caves. Then we will have a free time to walk around this areas, swimming in Son river.
In November and December, the river usually got flooding, so it may be closed.
Day 5:
Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Parks- East Ho Chi Minh Road – Tung Beach
 In the fifth day, we will ride to Tung Beaches, a quiet and clean beach located in Quang Tri Province, on the way, we will visit the Truong Son Heroes Cemetery, where buried over 10,000 communist Youth and soldiers who were died while they were protecting the Ho Chi Minh trails. Then we will ride to hotel, check in and we have free time for a cold beers or swimming.
Day 6:
Tung Beach – Vinh Moc Tunnels – DMZ – Hue
After breakfast, we will go to Vinh Moc Tunnels, look under the tunnels, talk to “children” who was born under the tunnels, then we will head to DMZ- in which Vietnam was seperated in two regions- North and South, visit the museum nearby and listen to history stories. Ride to Hue, finish a day.
Day 7:
Hue touring – Da Nang – Hoi An
Hue was an ancient capital of Vietnam during the 19th and early 20th century untill 1945. the highlights of Hue is the Citadel, Royal Tombs, Linh Mu Pagoda( one of the oldest pagoda in Vietnam), the romantic Huong river flow across Hue make the city more charm, conical hat making village is another interesting site that we will visit before  leaving the City to Hoi An. On the way, we will stop at Tam Giang lagoon, Lang Co beach, Hai Van pass. Stop on the top of Mountain  in which it was a border of Vietnam before 14th century. Stop at Marble mountains- the highlight of Danang before we end the trip in Hoi An or Da Nang.
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Saigon – Mekong Delta – Central Highlands – Phong Nha Caves – Sa Pa – Hanoi (24 days)

 You will explore every corner of Vietnam! See the real life, learn vary of “very own” traditions and customs of many different hill tribe groups, as well as Vietnamese culture…